10 Must Read Corona SDK Tutorials and Resources For Beginners

1.) Free Lua Book

Corona is written in Lua and there is a free book in the Lua language page to help you learn it.
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2.) IDE Set Up

You don’t want to be switching from your text editor to the browser back and forth to see what a function is called do you? This article will guide you step by step to set up IntelliJ IDEA for Lua and Corona.
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3.) The Storyboard API

Very recently, just last month, the Corona team made it easy to switch between screens with this new API and every Corona beginner should learn to master this first, it will save you tons of time, trust me.
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4.) How To Use The Corona SDK Debugger

Just because Lua is a scripting language doesn’t mean you won’t run into any bugs, learn to use the debugger as soon as possible.
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5.) Free Game Art

Developing, even when you are just learning, can be boring with just circles and squares so go grab some free vector art from OpenClipArt. Read More →

6.) Royalty Free Sound Effects Search Engine

Nobody likes a quite game so go get some explosions sounds.Read More →

7.) Graphics Layout Tool

Guessing the perfect image position is quite boring, it goes like this: move the image, reload the app, move the image, reload the app, move the image, reload the app, almost perfect but that’ll do. With this tool however all you have to do is drag the images and the coordinates will be output in the console, genius isn’t it! Read More →

8.) Screencasts

Do you prefer video tutorials? These are short and to the point.

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9.) App Monetization

Most likely you want to make some money from your apps. One way as you know is to put ads in your app. Corona’s API supports the InMobi ad network. Read More →

10.) Academic Discount

You want to reach as many users as possible but the “All Platforms” version of Corona costs $349.00, on top of that add the markets fee which is $99.00 for iOS and $25.00 for Android. If you are a student though you can get a $100.00 discount.
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